Eos C vtol fixed wing UAV is used for intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, security (screen, guard & cover, area security), targeting and battle damage assessment tasks. With its outstanding gimbal performance, reporting tool and call for fire functionality, the UAV is the most sophisticated intelligence collection asset for the company or battalion size units supporting up to level 4 interoperability (handover gimbal control to remote video terminal and/or UAV control to alternative ground control station).
Eos can be used in support of other monitoring and surveillance applications like wild-life monitoring, search and rescue support, disaster relief operations, aerial mapping, precision agriculture and many more.

Key features:

  • Flight time: over 2 hours
  • Extremely low noise
  • Low visual footprint
  • Outstanding aerodynamics
  • Powerful and gyro stabilized dual EO/IR/LRF gimbal with selectable onboard recording
  • Plug & Play aerial mapping payload, optional FullHD video feed
  • Encrypted flight logs
  • Video stream according to STANAG 4609 with embedded KLV metadata
  • Set-up less than 15 minutes
  • Eos C can be packed in rugged transport cases and in backpacks for operational use
  • Very low acoustic and visual footprint



EOS C is a highly capable electric VTOL mini-UAV with best in class flight performance and many unique features.

– High aspect ratio wings for maximum efficiency
– Provides exceptional image quality from high altitudes
– Efficient, reliable and safe VTOL take-off and landing transitions
– High wind penetrarion capability
– Extremely quiet operation (inaudible even at low altitudes)
– Excellent zoom capability down to 0.7° FOV
– MESH network radio with full Interoperability
– Large variety of ground equipment available for UAS solution

EOS C VTOL is a complex, yet simple to use system with capability usually found on bigger platforms. Using multiple sub-components and subsystems that are individually configurable enables Threod the unique ability to customise the system composition, ground control station types and packaging as per customer requirements.

Hereby the link to download the specifications.


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