The WINGMAN 103 is part of the WINGMAN-series of ruggedized wearable, intuitive RF drone detectors. It has a minimum of 14 hours operational battery life using standard external clip-on batteriesThe impressive performance packed in a small and lightweight form factor makes the wearable drone detection device designed to meet the requirements of special operations forces, but also police and security officers.


The WINGMAN 103 (WM103) acts as an early-warning detector of commercial drones by continuously scanning and searching for UAS control and video signals and. This makes it capable of detecting the drone control signal and/or video downlink signal – often before the drone takes off from the ground.  The WM103 is designed to function autonomously and the internal antennas cover the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ISM band and is directional. An external active antenna (AA100) can be added to provide 360° coverage, which can increase the frequency range to cover four different frequency bands allowing for greater threat detection of enemy drones.  When a drone is detected, alarms are indicated to the operator with sound, vibration and/or visually with a bright LED. Continuous updates are always provided to the drone database with new search filters to provide end-users with the latest technology.   The WM103 is an all-weather device that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The device is IP67 rated and waterproof with its cover-caps that protect the unused connectors. It also has the capability to withstand extreme temperatures from -30°C to +65°C.  The WM103 can be carried on the torso or on the outside of clothes to optimize performance (e.g. vest or backpack straps) using the MOLLE straps. Its low weight and small form factor allow each soldier, police, and security officer to carry a personal WINGMAN, if demands require it.