Vector vtol fixed wing uas

Vector and Scorpion form a 2-in-1 system kit. Scorpion is a tri-copter that can be utilized for dynamic urban environments and other mission sets that require a combination of maneuverability and hover to collect ISR and situation awareness information.

By configuring the base fuselage with fixed wings and tail section, Scorpion transforms into Vector, an energy-efficient, fixed-wing VTOL for longer range, longer endurance ISR missions.

No matter what the mission, always go for the perfect choice. Do business your way with the Vector or the Scorpion UAS.

Two choices. One powerful platform.

120 mins

25 km

10 m/s

7 kg

Flightime 24 hours
Max-Range 25 KM
Weight 7,4 Kg
Size/Wingpan 2,8 Meters
Wind Tolerance 10 M/S (Targeted of 13 M/S)
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +45 °C
Frequency 400 Mhz / 6Ghz
Setup-Time < 3 Minutes
Encryption AES 128/256: DES56, AES / GCM 128/256
Environment Tolerances Light to Moderate rain
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545 (interoperability data)

The mathematical definition of a vector fits very well for the latest UAV from Quantum-Systems. It can face any direction: upward, forward or down. That’s exactly what Vector from Quantum-Systems is capable to do. Vertical take-off. Energy efficient long range fixed wing flight and back to a vertical landing. All automatic, no pilot or operator input needed – Just fly.

VECTOR – The 2in1 vertical take-off reconnaissance UAV

Flexible and enduring, the Vector provides flight and surveillance characteristics that are exceeding performance of current UAV platforms in service all over the world.

The ability to operate in the most difficult terrain (VTOL) combined with extremely low noise emission (motor off silent mode) makes the Vector the perfect UAV for a wide range of non invasive aerial operations.

An encrypted mesh IP link sends video streams up to a range of 15+ km. A flight time of up to 120 minutes speaks for itself. All combined in a compact and robust electric VTOL UAV.

The 2in1 System design opens up further applications with the “Scorpion” configuration – By removing the wings and attaching a separate set of copter arms a dedicated multi copter platform becomes available for an even wider variety of mission applications. Either use a VTOL fixed-wing or a conventional copter – in both cases you only need one system to train on and to deploy it on site.


Vector vtol fixed wing uas


Vector vtol fixed wing uas