UAS Silvus Radio Solution

Silvus is a US made solution and is the Indago 3 standard radio solution by LMPT, as their main user base is US SOCOM and EU/ US government agencies. This radio allows for the integration of the Indago radio into existing unit radio architecture when a user has a Silvus tactical team radio.

Technical specifications

Waveform Mobile Networked MIMO
Encryption DES56 (Standard)
AES256 (Optional)
Date Rate Up to 200 Mbps (Adaptive)
Output power 1mW – 1W variable
(Up to 2W effective w/TX Beamforming)
Latency 28ms average
(5Mhz BW)
Sensitivity -105dBm @ 1.25 MHz BW
Channel Bandwidth Spectrum Scanning
Statistics Logging
Temperature / Voltage Monitoring