Target VTOL fixed wing

Boresight has developed a highly capable but affordable and expendable Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Group 1 sized aerial target. The Viking VTOL aerial target has being designed to mimic size and flight characteristics of most larger, Group 1 (and potentially Group 2) platforms. The Viking’s VTOL flexibility enables this platform to conduct f take-off/landings without additional equipment or a runway requirement.

The Viking VTOL aerial target is controlled using the same Flight Management and Mission Planning software as the Raider Quadcopter. The Viking aerial target is currently being operated as a single aerial target platform. Boresight is developing the capability to be able to operate the Viking in a swarm and/or in a mixed-swarm with the Raider Quadcopter. It uses innovative design and manufacturing techniques to minimize costs, thereby making it affordable enough to be expendable for realistic C-sUAS support activities.


Mission Planning Software

Boresight has developed Mission Planning software to enable the conduct of pre-defined flight profiles and scenarios. This in turn enables the stepping through of more complex mission profiles as users training or testing needs evolve. Boresight can work with customers to devise individual mission plans, profiles and scenarios to ensure that their training and testing plans meet their individual needs.



Boresight’s Viking VTOL UAV now has a swarming capability, enabling a single GCS to control multiple Viking aerial targets in a single flight. Combined with the Mission Planning software, this enables Boresight to present a complex swarming aerial target, whilst providing a safe, controlled, and repeatable flight profiles for the most efficient C-sUAS training in the world.

60 mins

10 km

15 m/s

8 kg