Tactical Cybersecurity System

What is CSfC?

The National Security Agency (NSA) “Commercial Solutions for Classified” (CSfC) program enables organizations to transmit classified information using commercial-grade encryption solutions, eliminating the need for expensive, difficult-to-use classified equipment.

The NSA allows classified information to be transmitted over untrusted networks when protected by two sets of encryption technologies, one layered inside the other.

PacStar Tactical Encryption Solutions
PacStar offers a one-stop shop for encryption solutions for tactical networks that include Cisco components

Address Cyber Skills Shortage in Tactical Settings

The system simplifies incident response by automating detection and validation of alerts, determining appropriate responses, and presenting resolutions – enhancing organic cybersecurity capabilities in every combat unit.

Enhance Cyber Threat Visibility

The system can provide visibility to remote cyber defender support organizations that currently have no visibility into real-time threats or advanced analytics necessary to support the warfighter.

Enable Cybersecurity at the Edge

The small size, weight and power of the system make deployment at the edge of the network possible, providing real time cyber threat detection and response for networks traditionally lacking protection.

Fidelis Network Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose, automated cybersecurity detection, response and prevention system providing IPS, DLP, Malware detection and determination, analytics, compromise intelligence and forensics across the threat lifecycle – a unique capability for resource -constrained environments.
  • Insider Threat, Data Exfiltration and Data Leakage Prevention. The system can detect/prevent unauthorized data release/leakages (e.g. Operational Security (OPSEC), classified and other sensitive data in Unclassified but sensitive network sessions).
  • Detection, response and prevention of Advanced Cyber Threats including Advanced Persistent Threats, External Adversary Infiltration & Malware.
  • High speed network security analytics from session as well as packet based inspection. Indexed storage of long term, rich network session metadata. Fully decoded session metadata for all communications. Capability to query and provide cross-session traffic analysis using scheduled or automated Network Security Analytics.
  • Ability to apply new threat feed intelligence automatically against historical network session metadata to generate new alerts for past events based on receipt of new / actionable threat intelligence.