SX-150 High Speed Ethernet Switch Card

The SX-150 is a U.S. Army CMOSS and The Open Group’s SOSA aligned ruggedized 3U OpenVPX L2/L3 managed ethernet switch card.

Switching capability for two (2) separate and independent security enclaves.SLOT PROFILE SLT3-SWH-5F4UG7U1J. Data Plane: FP Ports: 5x 40GBASE-KR4 , UTP Ports: 8x 1GBASE-KX (8x 10GBASE-KR), External UTP Port: 1x 1GBASE-KR (or 1x 10GBASE-SR), Control Plane
UTP Ports: 8x 1GBASE-KX (or 8x 10GBASE-KR), External UTP Ports: 1x 1GBASE-KR (or 1x 10GBASE-SR)