PacStar SWCP CUI is a small modular communications package that enables end user devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, to utilize built-in commercial Wi-Fi or LTE radios for communication. The SWCP CUI provides voice, video and data in protocols compatible with Wi-Fi or VPN encryption and eliminates the need for external or Type-1 cryptographic equipment. The SWCP CUI is based-on a PacStar Integrated Solution that is accredited and fielded by the US Department of Defense (DoD) Tactical Network program office for NIPRnet wireless access. It includes a comprehensive suite of common criteria and FIPS evaluated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) security technology that meets DoD wireless requirements and can support simultaneous Wi-Fi and VPN connectivity.

In Wi-Fi mode, the SWCP CUI conforms to DoDI 8420.01 WLAN requirements for secure CUI network access over Wi-Fi. In VPN mode, the system conforms to DoDI 1035.01 and Remote Access VPN and Policy STIGS for transport of CUI over non-government networks – including, but not limited to, any untrusted transport such as LTE and SATCOM. Both Wi-Fi and VPN modes are available without additional equipment.

In addition to CUI networks, PacStar’s 400-Series baseband hardware and software is customizable and configurable for use in Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solutions.

PacStar’s SWCP CUI is configurable to optimally serve a wide range of team sizes and can be customized with additional software and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) solutions to ensure interoperability with existing customer infrastructure.

Solution Contents

PacStar SWCP CUI supports multiple networks and can be scaled to meet customer-specific mission requirements. Optional inclusion of tactical Certificate Authorities and HSMs allows complete in-theater management; however, those components may reside in DoD PKI, MIL DEP NOCs or teleport sites. Additional hardware and software may be necessary to host Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) software or for enclave security components to meet all DoD mandates, such as HBSS, ACAS, etc.

PacStar 400-Series hardware baseband platform can host alternate virtualized network functions based on a vast set of supported 3rd-party sources on PacStar 451 servers. Please contact us for more details.