SWAT tactical robot – DOGO

The mini UGV DOGO is a robotic platform providing high portability and maneuverability along with tactical combat and attack capabilities. The DOGO was designed to operate in rough outdoor terrain and indoors with the ability to quickly climb stairs and effectively engage targets.

The DOGO is easily operated by the Remote Control Unit (RCU) which includes a user-friendly interface and “Point & View” technology to quickly acquire the target with simple touch of the screen. Multiple onboard cameras provide an intuitive 360° view for enhanced situational awareness “As if you are there”.

2,4 - 3 hours



12 kg

Operation time – min/hrs 2,4 up to 3 hours
Range N.A.
Weight 12 KG
Size Width: 379mm Length: 490mm
Operating temperatures – graden celcius N.A.
Climbing  Slope 45 degrees
Frequency; Mhz/Ghz N.A.
Encryption 128 or 256 AES
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545
Environmental tolerances – IP level N.A.


  • Threat Engagement
  • Compatible with a standard Glock 26 9mm pistol
  • Multilayered firing safety system
  • “Point & View” technology
  • Quick & accurate firing capability
  • 2 calibrated boresight views
  • Integrated laser designator
  • 2 way (full-duplex) audio

Situational Awareness

  • Omnidirectional vison system
  • Intuitive driving experience
  • 8 video cameras, 5 selectable real-time channels
  • NIR Illumination for low light operation


  • Quick and accurate threat neutralization
  • Counter – terror applications
  • Urban warfare & CQB
  • ISR and target detection
  • Remote negotiation
  • Tunnel & underground warfare


  • Quick deployment
  • Simple & fast stair climbing
  • Short onboard interactive training
  • Long battery endurance
  • Highly flexible user configurability
  • Secure Wifi 2.4 GHz/COFDM communication