SWAT EOD robot – Caliber Flex

The Smartest robot in the CALIBER® family, the CALIBER FLEX offers a lift capacity of 80 lbs (36kg). Its Command & Control Unit provides automatic pre-set positioning to facilitate rapid deployment; and a 3D avatar that offers real-time positional feedback on the actual position of the robot. The Robot also comes equipped with

2 / 4+ Hours




Operation time – min/hrs 2 to 4 hours
Range N.A.
Weight 36 KG
Size 99 X 61 X 69 CM
Operating temperatures – graden celcius N.A.
Climbing  Slope 45 degrees
Frequency; Mhz/Ghz N.A.
Encryption 128 or 256 AES
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545
Environmental tolerances – IP level IP67

Strong, robust and precise are the core attributes of the Caliber Flex drive system. Operators will note the powerful drive motors that reach full torque at zero speed with precise control, making it easier to maneuver through obstacles with confidence.

The preset positions for climbing stairs take the guesswork out of approaching, ascending, and descending stairs. With a push of a button the Caliber Flex will automatticly set the flippers to the optimal position to traverse stairs.

The combination of front and rear articulating flippers and rubber tracks make this medium sized robot effortlessly drive over rough terrain and climb 45 degrees stairs with stabilit. The 2 – stage transmission, with 3 drive modes and variable speed joystick can drive up to 6km/h and make 0 degree radius turns. Front & rear drive cameras have overlaid guidelines to assist with driving.