SRM Molle Dock

With the SRM MOLLE Dock you get an interface between the SRM radio and a Nett Warrior (NW) HUB or USB-A device. The MOLLE Dock can be used both for field applications or for debugging purposes. It is compatible with all SRM radios, and can make field operations and debugging easier. When ordering the MOLLE Dock, you choose between either Nett Warrior, USB-A or XT30 connector.




  • Environmental rating: IP65
  • MIL-810 STD
  • Size: 2.626 x 3.030 x 0.717 inches / 66.70 x 76.96 x 18.20 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 0.32 lbs / 146 g
Radio Compatibility
  • Compatible with all SRM radios
  • Interfaces: Nett Warrior plug
  • Cable length: 16 in / 400 mm
  • Debugging connectors: XT30, USB-A

* = Optional