SQA eVTOL multirole system is an evolutionary and compact small unmanned system developed by C-ASTRAL advanced X-WORKS laboratory enabling the complete spectrum of ISR operations over medium distances of up to 40 km from the ground control station. The SQA eVTOL can be equipped with several different command and control datalinks at frequencies from 1GHz up to 5GHz in MANET or MIMO configurations.

150 min

160 km


9,8 kg

The mk1 basic SQA system can be configured for first responders, search and rescue,  firefighting,  as well as complex military level ISR and fire control missions with an array of stabilized sensor options.

Additionally, the SQA eVTOL can serve as a very capable remote sensing platform for aerophotogrammetry as well as scientific atmospheric sensing including gas leak detection missions.

Developed on the robust legacy basis of the more than 140000 global flight hours experience of the C-ASTRAL BRAMOR and ATLAS systems, the SQA eVTOL is delivered with the unified C3P command, control, communications and planning software package on a simple tablet level GCS that provides superior situational awareness and safety of unmanned operations through a user-friendly graphic interface and intuitive control.

With C3P you can plan and execute your flight missions, control the flight parameters and sensors in real-time and collect and aggregate geospatial data.


The SQA eVTOL can be also delivered with advanced features such as support of the Cursor on Target protocol, STANAG 4609 compatibility, ATAK and CIVTAK compatibility enabling the connection of the system into a wide array of battlefield management and geospatial intelligence aggregating networks, supporting MISB ST 1402.1, STD 0601.4 UAS datalink local data sets as well as native integration into the MILSISTEMIKA Personal Eye System and IHTA BMS.


SQA airframe:
EYE-X HD 8 gimbal camera
Digital IP link
Advanced avionics

SX 303 communication unit
11,6″ Rugged tablet with sunlight readable screen (MIL-STD-810G / IP65)
Digital IP link
C3P flight control software

Transportation case:
Watertight/crushproof and dustproof
114 x 64 x 42 cm (45 x 25 x 17 in)
1780 DEF STAN/ MIL STD 810G Certified

Rescue emergency parachute
Set of basic spares
Battery charger
Training at C-Astral (excluding lodging & transportation costs)
Documentation & Manuals



Cruise speed18 m/s
Max speed24 m/s
Endurance2,5 h
Operational rangeUp to 40 km
Service ceilingUp to 4000 m AMSL
C&C RFfrom 1 GHz up to 5 GHz in MANET, MIMO or NBP configurations
C&C rangeUp to 40 km
Video link rangeUp to 40 km
Navigation lightsYes
Payload80X EO – LWIR 8x / 40x EO – LWIR 2x
Payload upgradeMapping sensors options
NavigationGNSS / IMU / GPS spoofing mitigation
FailsafesSafety parachute included


Wingspan290 cm
Platform length120 cm
Center module length93 cm
EngineBrushless Electric
Onboard powerLi – Po
Takeoff weight9,8 kg


Case #145x25x17in (114x64x42cm)