Secure Wireless Command Post (TLS)

Secure Classified Communications Everywhere

PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post (SWCP TLS) is a fully integrated, expeditionary solution that provides warfighters with the groundbreaking ability to transmit classified information over wireless networks in the field using LTE-enabled commercial smartphones and tablets. SWCP (TLS) expands on PacStar’s pioneering PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post (Wi-Fi) that provides high-speed wireless for mobile devices, at Wi-Fi distances, typically a few hundred feet. With the addition of LTE, PacStar now enables warfighter mobility at much greater distances, measured in thousands of feet or several miles from the cellular base station – much like consumers are able to roam using LTE for daily activity.

PacStar SWCP TLS is managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Crypto Manager, which streamlines system setup, configuration, certificate management and VPN management.

Secure classified communications everywhere

PacStar SWCP is packaged in a case small enough to meet airline carry-on requirements, but rugged enough to be mounted on military tactical communications vehicles – enabling classified mobile communications for a nearly unlimited array of use cases.

Two layers of encryption

Using IPsec VPN clients and servers, combined with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, SWCP TLS provides security for mobility that is eligible for use in networks up to Top Secret. This approach ensures security of transmitted information even if a single layer contains a flaw or vulnerability.