PacStar Rack Mount Systems

For operations using PacStar 400-Series modules in standard 19” rack-mount installations such as in tents, fixed locations, or vehicles that have size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints, PacStar provides systems based on a family of rack-mount frames, shelves, and chassis.

Rack mount systems that use PacStar Smart Chassis enable PacStar 400-Series modules to be operated in fixed racks in a variety of configurations, removed from racks in groups of enclaves and operated independently, or even operated independently as individual modules. These systems enable PacStar 400-Series modules to quickly transition from a deployable configuration to a more permanent installation configuration, and back again.

PacStar 493 1-RU Rack Mount Frame

For applications that require a limited number of modules, PacStar 1 RU RMF provides a slim form factor for up to 3 modules. This optionally includes an integrated AC/DC power supply to simplify integration.

PacStar 492 4-RU Rack Mount Frames

For applications that require high numbers of modules and/or PacStar Smart Chassis integration, PacStar provides multiple 4 RU RMF options, each with up to two tool-less, removable PacStar Smart Chassis, including:


Designed for person-carry use cases where weight savings are critical. Mounts in 19” racks or PacStar CFTC transit case with up to 9 PacStar 400-Series modules.


Designed for vehicle mounted applications where shock and vibration resistance are critical. Mounts in 19” racks or PacStar Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Transit Case (FRPC) with up to 9 PacStar 400-Series modules.

Standardized A-Kit Vehicle Envelope

Mounts in vehicles that conform to U.S. Army SAVE standards, with up to 8 PacStar 400-Series modules (not 19” rack compatible).