PacStar Modular Data Center (MDC)

PacStar MDC-NR provides converged compute/storage/networking at the edge of the network, supporting a diverse array of use cases in DIL environments including:

  • hosting situational awareness, mission command, and C2 applications
  • supporting SIGINT, HUMINT, and IMINT data gathering and analytics workloads
  • supporting emerging IoT and sensor fusion-based applications
  • unifying access to data and applications from enterprise to the tactical edge
  • hosting compute and storage-intensive networking, cybersecurity, and VDI solutions

PacStar MDC-NR uses the PacStar 400-Series modular platform designed to maximize capabilities with the smallest SWaP possible – enabling high amounts of compute, storage, and RAM at the edge without sacrificing mobility. PacStar MDC-NR adds to the PacStar MDC series of integrated solutions, utilizing PacStar 451-NR servers – supporting high-speed NVMe storage and remote management via IPMI.


  • High density compute, storage, and networking infrastructure capable of handling large loads with industry-leading SWaP reduction

  • A modular system that can be optimized for program needs, maximizing the number of CPU cores, GPU cores, or size of solid-state storage, depending on program needs

  • Based on Intel processors and compatible with a variety of applications, can meet the needs of a vast array of C5ISR use cases including data gathering, analytics/AI, and situational awareness