PacStar Mini-Transit Case Systems

For transport of PacStar 400-Series solutions in scalable, dense, quick setup form factors — with high resistance to environmental damage — PacStar provides compact, lightweight, custom-designed Mini Transit Case Systems in two models: a carbon-fiber transit case for minimum SWaP and a fiber-reinforced plastic case for enhanced drop protection.

PacStar Smart Chassis are user-removable without tools, and capable of operating outside the transit cases, enabling physical separation as required for classified enclaves.

Key Features

Custom designed carbon fiber transit case with wheels and handle (9” x 21” x 14”)

Meets FAA maximum carry-on bag size restrictions

Holds multiple Smart Chassis with a maximum (9) module payload – e.g. (1) 4-slot and (1) 5-slot Smart Chassis

Removable lids for operation of equipment in the transit case

KG-250X/XS mounting points on top

~65 lbs. fully loaded