PacStar Custom Packaging Solutions

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions designs, manufactures and delivers custom suitcase-style packaging solutions meeting customer requirements for all-in-one small team communications kits and for accessory kits matched with larger complete solutions.

These solutions are ideal for customers that require carrying PacStar 400-Series modules in the smallest possible footprint in fly-away or temporary deployments. Utilizing the PacStar 400-Series’ patented snap-together feature, modules can be transported, then removed from the case and easily constructed into an operational system. Custom packaging keeps all of the peripherals such as cables, wireless access points, batteries and rechargers, antennas, modems, or other devices you need in one place for easy inventory and no lost parts.

PacStar develops custom case designs based on customer equipment sets and needs, frequently utilizing proven Pelican™ Storm Case™ or Air cases with custom foam cut-outs, ensuring environmental protection and proper fit, for the most demanding applications. PacStar works with customers to ensure foam designs are sufficient to meet MIL-STD transportation qualifications, and can conduct qualification as needed with certified third party test facilities.

Key Details

  • Supports any variety of equipment including networking/computing, radios, cables, and power supplies,
  • Available in any size Pelican-style case with foam interior
  • Customized foam to meet customer equipment sets
  • Available with MIL-STD testing
  • One stop shop: optionally delivered with equipment procured, kitted, and installed
  • Ensures mission success: transport communications equipment safely and complete with all accessories

Example Solutions

Custom case with 5x PacStar 400-Series modules, encryptor, tactical radio batteries and accessory bag

Custom case with 2x PacStar 400-Series modules and accessory bag