PacStar 463 RoIP/Voice Module

PacStar 463 extends and integrates remote LMR radio networks into IP based networks, enabling organizations to benefit from the best capabilities of each.

PacStar 463 provides LMR-to-IP data conversion, interoperability between different radio types, radio cross-banding, and remote radio control over IP, in a small form factor, rugged module. When combined with other PacStar 400-Series modules, PacStar 463 will bridge gaps between IP-based communications networks and LMR tactical radio networks – providing comprehensive, tactical and mobile interoperability solutions. PacStar 463 supports up to four radio networks simultaneously. It converts E&M signals to IP, and provides cross-banding and radio control through industry standard RJ45 and RS-232 interfaces. PacStar 463 is based on proven, software defined technology adapted from SCI TOCNET G4 – deployed in thousands of systems and over 50 major defense programs.

Key Features

  • Based on proven technology from SCI TOCNET G4
  • Provides 4-wire RJ45 E&M circuits to support PTT for up to 4 radios
  • Provides 4 RS-232 radio control interfaces
  • Integrated smart power supply that runs on tactical radio batteries, wide range DC input and worldwide AC input
  • Snap-together design enables quick expansion with other PacStar 400-Series products
  • KG-250X/XS compatible power output port
  • Compact design for flexible packing and transport
  • Extended temperature range and fanless design improves reliability and uptime
  • Continuous runtime with hot swappable batteries
  • Small, but powerful; only 5.3″ x 7.1″ x 1.6″ and 2.5 lbs.