PacStar 453 NVIDIA GPU Enhanced Server

PacStar 453 NVIDIA enhanced server provides a high-performance virtualization and compute platform for hosting intensive applications such as graphics, video processing and artificial intelligence in a compact, quick setup, rugged form factor.

Designed for tactical, expeditionary vehicle-mount, forward operating base, and early-entry deployments for military, Homeland Security, first responders, and commercial/enterprise users, PacStar 453 is ideal for applications that need high performance computation in remote or distributed locations. PacStar 453 meets size, weight, and power requirements unmatched by other COTS appliances.

PacStar 453 is the optimal platform for tactical and distributed deployment of video and AI applications performing:

  • Video: encoding, decoding, transcoding, analytics, object detection
  • Natural language understanding and translation
  • Cybersecurity: threat analytics, vulnerability detection, and defensive adversarial ML
  • Sensor fusion, health monitoring, EW signal processing, augmented reality
  • Autonomous systems operations, navigation, predictive maintenance
  • Decision support
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure

PacStar 453 is based on the powerful and proven PacStar 451 platform that features Intel Xeon D processing, with 128 GB RAM, 16 TB storage, and 10 GigE SFP+ ports, combining high-power general-purpose computing with a PCIe connected NVIDIA GPU with 896 CUDA cores.