PacStar 443 Large Switch Module

PacStar 443 provides high-density network access ports for critical voice, data and video connectivity in a compact, quick setup, rugged form- factor. PacStar 443 uses advanced Cisco® switching technology and provides up to 24 ports of LAN access.

Designed from the ground up to provide flexible transport, configuration and setup options, PacStar 443 can be used as follows:

  • Included as part of modular, flexible systems with other PacStar 400-Series modules, mounted in a variety of cases and packaging solutions
  • In snap-together configurations with the other PacStar 400-Series modules including switches, servers and gateways
  • Used as a standalone switch module

PacStar 443 is designed to serve the tactical communication needs of teams that deploy worldwide and have secure communication requirements in austere environments. PacStar 443 enables teams from US DoD, Homeland Security, First Responders and civilian organizations to easily connect multiple devices to key communications networks.

PacStar 443 is optionally managed by IQ-Core® Software, which simplifies system setup, network management and protects the system from mis-configuration by operators in the field.