PacStar 415 Cradlepoint Sled

The PacStar 415 adapts the Cradlepoint IBR600/900 series of routers into the PacStar 400-Series for power and system integration.

The combination brings the multi-access capabilities of a Cradlepoint router into a fully integrated networking solution with the industry-leading modularity of the PacStar 400-Series platform.

The sled provides slide-in integration for the IBR600/900 including:

Physical adaptation of the router into the PacStar 400-Series chassis for power and system integration
All device I/O exposed to the front of the sled
Supports PacStar 400-Series standard interconnect-enabling modules to be snapped together in the field to share power

The PacStar 415 works in conjunction with PacStar 400-Series communications modules, and serves the tactical communications needs of small teams that deploy worldwide and have communication requirements in austere environments. The PacStar 415 enables teams from the military and first responder organizations to easily connect to a variety of wireless communications mediums.

Key Features

  • Secures and provides connections for Cradlepoint IBR600/900 (sold separately)
  • Provides cabling of rear-facing connectors to the front of the sled, enabling quick and convenient access for network cabling
  • Integrated power connectors provide power from tactical radio batteries, or power input provided by the PacStar 400-Series Smart Chassis
  • Continuous runtime with hot-swappable batteries
  • Snap-together design enables quick expansion with other PacStar 400-Series products
  • Compact design for flexible packing and transport
  • Tool-less design allows Cradlepoint to be installed or removed from the PacStar 415 in the field