PacStar 412 HAIPE Sled

PacStar 412 adapts the ViaSat® ultra-compact KG-250XS HAIPE IP network encryption (INE) device to integrate into PacStar 400-Series smart chassis based case solutions. The combination creates complete network packages that include HAIPE encryption for secret and top-secret network access while taking advantage of the PacStar 400-Series modularity.

The sled provides snap-in integration for the KG-250XS including:

  • Physical adaptation of the INE into the PacStar 400-Series chassis
  • 2x 10/100 copper RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces, exposed to the front of the sled
  • Supports PacStar 400-Series standard interconnect enabling modules to be ‘snapped’ together in the field and share power

PacStar 412 is designed to work in conjunction with the PacStar 400-Series communications modules serving the tactical communications needs of small teams that deploy worldwide and have secure communication requirements in austere environments. PacStar 412 enables teams from US DoD and Homeland Security to easily and securely connect multiple devices to mission critical communications networks.