OWIK will take almost any digital or analog video stream in, compress/control the video, then push the video and information over tactical networks.  This kit comes with a custom OverWatch ATAK and MCH plug-in, along with 6 different connections for integration.  Analog, BNC male, BNC female, HDMI, Mini HDMI, and Micro HDMI.

You can display real-time video from thermal optics, various ground stations, stand-alone sensors, digital SLR cameras, and much more.

The beauty of this system is OWIK works over LTE, WIFI, SATCOM, and almost ALL of your tactical radios.  Like OverWatch,  all network users can take snapshots and videos to distribute to everyone within the network.

OWIK is integrated into ATAK, WinTAK, MCH, and our StandAlone Apps.

A covert ruggedized version is available.