Osprey – Package Delivery

The Osprey payload for the SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider provides a simple, flexible and reliable way to attach and carry almost any object weighing up to 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs). The Osprey kit comes with a variety of mounting brackets to provide a secure restraint for objects of varying sizes. Payload is only available for SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider.


A Flying Claw

Transport mission critical equipment or devices, when you need it most.
Adaptive Autopilot

Adjusts for variabilities in mass, volume and center of gravity, avoiding any need to reconfigure the aircraft or change software settings.
Forward-Facing EO/IR

Provides day/night ISR capability when carrying other payloads and the four downward facing cameras provide visibility to localize the drop site.