The ORION X650 is a two-channel MIMO tactical radio designed to meet the needs of the connected war fighter today and to evolve to meet ongoing tactical communications requirements well into the future. It’s low SWAP and high throughput is ideally suited to ensure next-generation, digitized command post mobility and survivability. The ORION X650 has the most advanced resiliency features ever to be delivered with a tactical radio system for assured LPI/LPD. With a modular, multi-band, multi-waveform software-defined architecture, the ORION X650 is well-suited to meet any current or future tactical communications operational needs.

  • Two-channel, very high bandwidth tactical radio
  • True 4×4 MIMO for optimal resilience
  • Supports PTP, PMP and Mesh
  • Lowest SWAP high-capacity radio on the market
  • Native anti-jam and LPD/LPI capabilities
  • AI/ML ready