The ORION X630 is a very small form-factor, two-channel MIMO tactical radio ideally suited for Vertical Height Antennas (VHA), drones, or any other application where low SWAP is a key requirement. The ORION X630 is the most capable two-channel radio ever to be produced by Ultra I&C in a small form factor and will be a game-changer for on-the-move and beyond-line-of-sight communications. The ORION X630 will benefit from the same great resiliency features of the X650 and is AI/ML ready. It can also be quickly deployed on a VHA such as the Hoverfly Spectre™, providing wide-area network coverage ideal in dense foliage or mountainous environments. Like the ORION X650, the ORION X630 can be configured to support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and MESH topologies.

  • Two-channel radio ideal for VHA applications
  • True 4×4 MIMO for optimal resilience
  • Supports PTP, PMP and Mesh
  • Highest-throughput drone-ready tactical radio
  • Native anti-jam and LPD/LPI capabilities
  • AI/ML ready