The X500 is a series of high-capacity multi-mission, multi-channel, line-of-sight radios that offer up to 1 Gbps throughput. It greatly reduces total cost of ownership with 3 radios in 1. Ultra ORION X500 radios can support 2 PTP links or a mix of PTP, PMP and mesh for a total of 2 software-defined radio channels. The third channel is a secure 802.11 or LTE access.

Each channel can be encrypted internally or use an external encryption device. The radios operate in the NATO Band 3 (L-band), 3+ (S-band) & 4 (C-band), and NII/ISM frequency bands as well as in selected LTE bands, giving it spectrum flexibility and a cross-band capability. They can operate simultaneously in multiple bands, offers a large portfolio of tactical waveforms, best-in-class ECCM protection and jamming resilience in a military mesh network.

ORION tactical radios form the communications backbone for programs like U.S. TRILOS.

The X500 radios feature a secure and intuitive graphical user interface, MIMO technology and fully ruggedized enclosures (MIL-STD-810G/461F & IP67). The X500 series is interoperable with the AN/GRC-245 HCLOS radio, facilitating the extension of the IP network to the lower echelons and to ISR assets.