Noctis dual IR

Do you require a UAS that is man packable, whisper-quiet, rugged, all-weather capability with Hot-
swappable payload options for ISR, battlefield situational awareness, and target acquisition?

Technical specifications

Image Capture32° Wide HFOV Lens
8° Narrow HFOV Lens
VideoIR 640 x 512
StabilzationRoll/Pitch Mechnical and Electronic
Weight570 Grams



The NOCTIS DUAL IR is LMPT’s high end night sensor, that carries a dual FLIRBOSON core. Seamless transition between the two cameras provide a classleading thermal solution for SUAS. NIIRS 8 at 400m.


• Dual FLIR Boson IR cameras provide 640×512 video and still imagery streamed to Hand Controller and recorded onboard • Digital zoom from 32° to 2° FOV with seamless transition between cameras• Integrated laser pointer for high accuracy targeting• Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload • Real-time Geo-location and Geo-pointing capability