SWAT EOD robot – Mini Caliber

Lightweight, modular and one-man portable, the Mini-CALIBER SWAT and EOD Robot is tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

Designed for rapid tactical missions, the robot is simple to operate and quick to deploy for searching rooms, hallways, stairwells and confined spaces. With rubber tracks and articulating front and rear flippers, the Mini-CALIBER effortlessly climbs stairs. It also includes an extendable rotating claw arm that simplifies opening door handles.

3 - 5 hours


3.2 km/h

29 KG

Operation time – min/hrs 3 to 5 hours
Range 1 KM
Weight 29 kg
Size N.A.
Operating temperatures – graden celcius N.A.
Climbing  Slope N.A.
Frequency; Mhz/Ghz N.A.
Encryption 128 or 256 AES
STANAGS 4609 (visual_ / 4586 (control) / 4545
Environmental tolerances – IP level IP67


SWAT EOD robot – Mini Caliber