MicaSense Dual Camera System

Producing aligned 10-band data is much more valuable than simply providing two separate 5-band maps. The MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload synchronizes capture of all 10 bands allowing the creation of multiple indices and new analytics. During processing, bands from either camera may be used interchangeably.

Thanks to easily plug and play payloads, an even wider range of sensors is available in combination with the MicaSense Altum or a RGB camera. Combined with the versatility of our Trinity F90+, the range of applications is larger than with any comparable product on the market.

Unlike other available mapping solutions, we are proud to offer our own PPK solution for all available sensor payloads!

Each of our drones comes standard with our iBase Ground Station and can generate high quality GPS data out of the box. PPK is therefore a basic feature of our systems at no additional cost to the customer.

iBase is an entry level GNSS reference station. It automatically logs GNSS reference measurements on the ground to a file on a micro SD card. This file enables QBase3D to do PPK processing of the collected survey data with a absolute accuracy of 2- 5 cm.

In the event of support, customers thus have a direct advantage over third-party solutions, as we have direct access to our PPK integration. This saves time and money! Furthermore, individual PPK modifications are also possible thanks to vertical integration. Simply contact us in this regard