IQ-Core® Software NCM

Originally designed to meet the stringent demands of tactical and enterprise deployments for the U.S. DoD, the National Guard, and state and local emergency responders, IQ-Core NCM provides the following field-proven, key benefits:

Technology optimized for the tactical network:

Unlike enterprise network management software packages that are too heavy and don’t provide depth in key tactical requirements, PacStar developed IQ-Core Software to manage the unique challenges faced by tactical networks.

A unified view:

for network monitoring and diagnostics, providing operators with real-time situational awareness of the health of the network, and ability to provide configuration management and troubleshooting of the entire suite of network software and devices, regardless of vendor

Adaptable to user level:

Tailorable for both non-specialists and power users, offering the flexibility and capabilities to meet the needs of all. With Roles Based Access Control, IQ-Core Software includes a GUI, command line access, and advanced automation technology in a single solution — enabling IT specialists of any level of expertise to complete tasks faster, with fewer errors.

Drives down costs:

Eliminates the need for field service representatives to stand up and manage communications equipment and reduces the training required to operate the equipment. Saves costs compared to enterprise network management software pushed down to edge operations.

Enhances ability to meet mission objectives:

Reduces set-up time, allowing communications to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and improve mobility. Improves uptime and situational awareness, allowing personnel to focus on fighting the battle, not fighting the network.

Vendor-agnostic interoperability:

Unlike OEM device management software that only integrates with specific products, IQ-Core Software integrates with a broad range of tactical and enterprise communications hardware and systems, using industry-standard APIs and open interfaces. This enables organizations to easily upgrade, replace, or reconfigure deployable systems to include the ‘best of breed’ technologies from multiple vendors.