IQ-Core Software Crypto Manager

CSfC systems are complex to set up and maintain. IQ-Core CM overcomes the added complexity and training burden imposed by dual encryption layers by simplifying setup, configuration, and management.

An intuitive user interface through wizards, making CSfC set-up and operation quick, easy-to-learn and recall

Reduces configuration errors by assisting organizations in maintaining uptime and compliance with stringent CSfC requirements

Simplifies troubleshooting with integrated tools for both entry-level and advanced network administrators — with CSfC-optimized tools for link status, coordination of device time, monitoring of certificates, and more

Saves time by automating complex, time consuming, and error-prone tasks such as VPN set-up, with powerful wizards with common user interfaces across hardware, software, and PKI components

Provides cyber situational awareness (SA) by securing and consolidating alerting information at the edge while also working with enterprise SIEM. Provides enhanced CSfC SA at the core and edge of the network with extensive real-time status of crypto tunnels, certificate expiration alerts, and connection auditing.

Facilitates remote and distributed management through the ability to perform CSfC-related management tasks from anywhere in the world

Streamlines innovation by interoperating with a broad range of tactical and enterprise CSfC-certified communications hardware and systems, simplifying upgrades and adoption of new COTS technologies at the edge