IQ Core – ROAM

View your entire network through a single pane of glass, while sharing views and access to deployed operators at any echelon, to create a collaborative, hierarchical, network operations and management structure.

IQ-Core ROAM integrates with IQ-Core Network Communications Manager (NCM) and IQ-Core Crypto Manager (CM) to offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities across distributed networks. IQ-Core ROAM can run at any tier and any node in a network, and ads the following capabilities:


Intuitive user interface at upper tiers (or echelons) and NOCs that mirrors remote systems, making navigation and management throughout the network easy and consistent

Reduces configuration errors by automating deployment of network planning and device configuration files across the network, ensuring consistent configuration of all network devices

Simplifies troubleshooting through integrated tools for both entry-level and advanced network administrators, reducing reliance on contract field service reps

Saves time by enabling visibility of status across all network nodes, at a glance. Enables bulk updates of all network nodes from a single interface.

Provides cyber situational awareness by securing, consolidating, and forwarding alerting information at each tier of the tactical network. Provides enhanced network situational awareness at the core and edge of the tactical networks, with extensive real-time visibility of connected nodes. Operates seamlessly in a disconnected, intermittent, and limited (DIL) environment.

Facilitates remote and distributed management by enabling upper echelon administrators to interoperate with and assist remote operators. Enables remote operators to perform all tasks, even when they have no WAN connectivity.

Field-proven, based on the widely deployed IQ-Core NCM communications management platform