IQ-Core Crypto Manager (CM)

Originally designed to meet the stringent demands of tactical and enterprise deployments for the U.S. DoD, the National Guard, and state and local emergency responders, IQ-Core NCM provides the following field-proven, key benefits:

  • Provides an intuitive user interface: Makes communications set-up and operation quick and easy to learn and recall. Includes customizable user interfaces and roles-based access control, providing tailorable access to features depending on user experience level. This reduces training time and costs.
  • Reduces configuration errors: Assists organizations in maintaining uptime, performance, and compliance with cyber security requirements
  • Simplifies troubleshooting: Through integrated tools for both entry-level and advanced network administrators, reducing reliance on contract field service representatives
  • Saves time: Automates complex, time-consuming and error-prone tasks with powerful wizards with common user interfaces across hardware and software components
  • Provides cyber situational awareness (SA): Enhanced network and cyber SA at the core and edge of the network with extensive real-time status, alerts, and auditing
  • Facilitates remote and distributed management: Ability to monitor, change device configurations and troubleshoot from anywhere in the world
  • Streamlines innovation: Interoperates with a broad range of the most popular tactical and enterprise communications hardware, systems, and protocols — streamlining upgrades and adoption of new COTS technologies at the edge

IQ-Core NCM manages PacStar products and is also available for integration into customer-specified systems, OEM, and enterprise-class solutions.


  • An intuitive user interface through wizards, making CSfC set-up and operation quick, easy-to-learn and recall
  • Reduces configuration errors by assisting organizations in maintaining uptime and compliance with stringent CSfC requirements
  • Simplifies troubleshooting with integrated tools for both entry-level and advanced network administrators — with CSfC-optimized tools for link status, coordination of device time, monitoring of certificates, and more