Do you require a UAS that is man packable, whisper-quiet, rugged, all-weather capability with Hot-swappable payload options for ISR, battlefield situational awareness, and target acquisition?

Technical description

Weight 1.05lbs (476g)
Dimensions 145 x 81 x 125 mm
Video Mode 16:9 1280 x 720
Horizontal Field of View 63° -2-2 (ox -30x Zoom)
Elevation Travel Limits +45° / -130°
Roll Travel Limits +\- 30°
Yaw Travel Limits +\- 18°
Sensor Detection
Identification Performance
NIIRS 8 at 400m


ON 30x Stabilized 30x Optical Zoom The ION 30x is a daylight/EO camera with 30x optical and 30 x digital zoom. Digital image stabilization with Live HD Video Output 720p HD EO. Features Include:
  • 30x optical zoom provides industry-leading zoom capability
  • providing highly detailed target identification and ISR operations
  • Crisp 720P live video feed from large global shutter imager
  • Industry-leading 3-axis mechanical and electronic stabilization
  • keep the image rock solid in even the worst environmental conditions
  • Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload
  • Real-time Geolocation and Geo-pointing capability