Gravity Jet Suit

The ability to move soldiers within seconds onto target, immediately liberate hands bringing a weapon to bear, and yet retaining the freedom to instantly exfil or relocation; is a compelling formula in a large range of scenarios. The ability to rapidly train individuals to operate the Jet Suit is a solid base that underpins the multiple use cases. This has been proven by training 80+ civilians and 8 Royal Marines (42Cdo)


4.8 KM

80 Km/h

100 kg

Background & History

Gravity Industries was founded in April 2017 by Richard Browning, veteran of the oil industry in London, and a proud Royal Marines
Reservist. It was a rich family heritage* in Aviation Leadership & Engineering that fueled a vision to reimagine how mankind could
fly (Sir Basil Blackwell, former Chairman & CEO Westland Helicopters etc).

Company Overview

Relentless R&D is at the core of Gravity. Since the initial VC investment by renowned Valley investors, Tim & Adam Draper, in 2017,
the company is proud to be a profitable self-sufficient business with a diverse income portfolio of international events (110
delivered in 32 countries), commercial Flight Training (UK & US), and a range of media and film work. Gravity is based in Salisbury,
UK next to Boscombe Down, Porton Down and the Salisbury Plain hub of MOD activity.

System Capabilities

The table overleaf summarizes the approx. capabilities of the Patented heavy lift Mk3 super-evolution of the Mk2 Jet Suit.


Alongside a significant portfolio of international events, which have proven resilience, Gravity has executed over a dozen military
and SWAT exercises (footage ). This global tour of international events has also allowed Gravity to
forge excellent relationships with the CAA, FAA and MAA.