Echodyne Echoguard

A true breakthrough in ESA radar
Electronically scanned array (ESA) radar, the gold standard, has been cost-prohibitive and operationally restrictive for all but Defense and National Security applications. Echodyne’s patented MESA® technology combines with powerful software to create ESA performance in a compact solid-state format that detects, tracks, and classifies objects of interest on the ground or in the air, regardless of weather or lighting conditions. Operating in the K-band for radiolocation and radionavigation services and with CE/RED/RoHS-3 compliance options, EchoGuard’s ultra-low SWaP, software-defined capabilities, and exemption from ITAR constraints allow for rapid response to user, site, and mission requirements anywhere in the world.

Why EchoGuard is the leader
for short-range radar:

  • Breakthrough Price-Performance

  • Reliable operation: 1000’s operating without interruption or failure 

  • 120° Azimuth X 80° Elevation Field of View

  • 2° Az x 6° El Angular Resolution

  • 10 Hz Search While Track Rate

  • Easily Configurable to Site and Mission Requirements

  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)

  • Data-Rich C2/VMS/System Integration

  • International Version Available


EchoGuard Details

Radar Overview
EchoGuard’s exclusive Tx/Rx cell density directs thousands of pencil-thin beams across the 120° azimuth x 80° elevation field of view (FoV) in milliseconds. EchoGuard rapidly detects and precisely tracks up to 20 objects of interest, delivering high-fidelity data in a proprietary format over a standard TCP/IP Gigabit Ethernet connection. With multiple data-rich output options available by API, including raw data, EchoGuard’s superior spatial accuracy creates a robust data foundation for counter-uncrewed aircraft systems (C-UAS) and platforms, border and port surveillance, sensitive asset and VIP event security, and dozens of other applications.


Tracking Ranges (not maximum)

Radar Dimensions