Tactical camera for dismounted soldier.
The CRE2-CAM tactical camera is an accessory to the CRE2-144-M2 tactical radio. The camera is watertight, submersible class IP68 and rugged for military operations with Easy-Clean connector for resistance against dust, mud and water in the field.

IP camera for live streaming.
The CRE2-CAM has a built-in H.265 and H.264 video compressor as well as a built-in video server designed for live video streaming for wireless transmission. The interface is Ethernet and the camera can easily be integrated with other units in an IP-centric tactical system. The CRE2-CAM is designed with high-end optics with wide field of view without lens distortions. A large aperture lens and sensitive video sensor give excellent picture quality in low light conditions.

Easy to mount.
The CRE2-CAM is delivered with a velcro helmet-mount bracket for mounting on any side of the helmet. The camera also has a standard tripod thread that allows for easy mount of all standard camera brackets or tripods.

* Watertight/submersible for naval missions
* All parts made in lightweight aluminium
* Wide angle 90° horizontal field of view
* Low lens distortion – no fish-eye effect
* Large lens aperture for high sensitivity
* Sensitive video sensor for low light conditions
* Night mode with automatic IR filter select
* H.265 and H.264 video converter
* IP video streaming server for live streaming
* Ethernet connection for easy integration