Horizontally mounted panel with radio transceiver and antennas ideal for UAV applications. The antenna panel has the same properties as CRE2-179, but with significantly lower weight adapted for UAV applications. The unit is fully compliant with the very most demanding class of electromagnetic compatibility and immunity according to MIL-STD-461F. The interface to the panel is power and Ethernet in separate cables. The unit has embedded AES-256 encryption in hardware. The maximum user data throughput is 15 Mbps. Supply voltage is 19-55 VDC. Dimensions are 28 x 29 x 5 cm. Weight is 2 kg.

* Phased array wireless data-link
* IP based
* Ad-hoc network
* AES-256 link encryption embedded in hardware
* High bandwidth
* Long range
* Field proven
* Radio and antennas integrated in the product
* Easy to install and operate
* For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
* Waterproof for maritime operations