Horizontally mounted panel with radio transceiver and antennas ideal for manned aircraft and aerospace installations. The unit is compliant with the environmental requirements as stated in the DO-160G standard used for certification of manned aircraft modules. The interface to the panel is power and Ethernet cables with rugged, waterproof connectors for the required robustness in harsh environments. The unit has embedded AES-256 encryption in hardware. The maximum user data throughput is 15 Mbps. Supply voltage is 19-55 VDC. Dimensions are 371 x 377 x 55 mm. Weight is 5.0 kg.

* Phased array wireless data-link
* IP based
* Ad hoc network
* AES-256 link encryption embedded in hardware
* High bandwidth
* Long range
* Field proven
* Radio and antennas integrated in the product
* Easy to install and operate
* For manned aircrafts and helicopters