Compact radio transceiver and antennas ideal for portable applications with RF connectors for attachment to external antennas. The radio has two Ethernet connections and is military grade rugged for harsh environments with a special easy-to-clean connector for mud and dust. The unit is waterproof including full submerging in water (IP68). The unit has embedded AES-256 encryption in hardware. The maximum user data throughput is 15 Mbps. Supply voltage is 9-36 VDC. Dimensions are 146 × 78 × 43 mm 15 x 8 x 4 cm. Weight is 295 g.

* C-band phased array tactical wireless radio
* IP centric/ad hoc network operations
* AES-256 link encryption hardware
* Optional wireless interfaces Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
for local area equipment connection
* Unmatched bandwidth and range
* Field proven
* Easy to install and operate
* SMA Connectors for external antenna options