The C4i Systems Sensor Processing Unit (C-SPU) is a versatile and robust processing unit providing the user with Dual BioDigitalPC® Credit card sized PC modules, 4 port serial to IP interface and 4 port Gigabit Ethernet switch in an extremely small form factor.
Optimized for harsh Military/Industrial environments, the C-SPU has the ability to consolidate multiple serial and IP sensor feeds into a single IP stream and provide this data either to the twin on-board processing module or transmission over backhaul networks. The C-SPU allows any attached serial or IP devices to be supplied with filtered 12/24vDC outputs directly from C-SPU device ports, reducing cabling and system complexity.
The FIPS140-2 Lvl 3 compliant processing modules are easy to install and upgrade providing piece of mind for security and a robust through life upgrade path, reducing overall cost during its service life.
The C-SPU is robust and durable chassis and can be supplied with varying mounting, colour and power supply options to meet any customer requirements.

Key Features 
Weeight8 kg
Dimensions mm131 x 325 x 240 (H x W x D)
Processing Module2 x BioDigitalPC® slots capable of utilising the latest removable BioDigtalPC processors.
2 x Fast ethernet ports per card
2 x Serial data ports per card (RS232)
2 x USB2.0 ports per card
VGA output per card
Serial Processing Module4 x Serial IP server Data ports (RS232/422/485) Each port capable of supplying 12 or 24vDC output
2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports with 12 or 24vDC output
2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports without DC output support.
Supply DC:Wide range 9-36vDC DC input, regulated 12/24vDC outputs supplying serial/Ethernet attached devices (160watts total)