We are very proud to support the Dutch MoD with delivering, training and providing service for their Light-Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (L-RPAS 0-25KG) catalogue.

The Dutch MoD launched the catalog last September in collaboration with the Defence Materiel Organization (DMO). The driving force behind this project is the Army’s vision Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for land operations. Project leader at the Army Major Ken van Meir: “The catalog enables us to follow the fast technological developments in the field of small drones. Instead of buying it for a period of 5 to 7 years, we update the catalog every six months. In this way we can purchase the most up to date equipment at that time. As part of this professionalization process, we will also replace part of the commercial of the shelf  (COTS) Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems (L-UAS). There is no longer any room for COTS drones in military operations. Each type in the catalog meets the requirements of the Security Authority. ”

DMO has concluded a framework contract with BSS Holland for the project. This company supplies relatively small drones up to a maximum of 25 kg that have to meet fewer aviation requirements, as set by the Military Aviation Authority. For example, maintenance and training are therefore bound by less strict rules. Currently, the Dutch MoD mainly uses drones for tasks in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. In the future it is planned to use drones for more tasks. For example, a tethered drone (a drone with a power cord) can be used as an antenna for long-distance communication or to jamming enemy communication.

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