With our Tender Services and Business Development Services we support companies winning tenders in The Netherlands, Egypt, Kuwait and South Africa in the defence, homeland security and critical infrastructure market.

BSS has years of experience in successfully guiding suppliers to win tenders in multi stakeholder governmental environments. For those parties we monitor the realization of the tender, create the best bid strategy and if appropriate we support in setting up a winning consortium, provide support at the conclusion of the agreement and implement the solution.

Our experience shows that winning tenders in multi stakeholder governmental environments is determined by a combination of factors:

  • the win strategy,
  • an excellent executed (internal and external) tender process,
  • a professionally diverse team with high problem solving / entrepreneurial capacity,
  • the extent to which risks of the client and contractor can be controlled,
  • relationship management.

These are often more important win factors than the reputation of the supplier and or the capabilities and uniqueness of the products and services themselves. This is especially relevant for Public Private Partnership, DBFM(O), Competitive Dialog and Best Value Procurement type of tenders.

We offer tender support to bid teams on topics like bid strategy, stakeholder analyse, consortium creation, cooperate and public affairs, negotiation and after sales.

Below our approach represented schematically


The final deployment of BSS and its partners in the bid process is driven by the joint developed win and public affairs & sourcing strategy. If you want to know more sent us an email.

Bid Team Development Workshops

For bid teams we have developed the following workshops:

  1. 2-day Bid Strategy Assessment and Development
  2. 2-day Winning tenders in multi stakeholder governmental environments

Bid team supports services

We have tender specialists and consultants that add to your bid teams the following services and expertise:

• Competitive Dialog and customer bid team meeting preparations
• Bid documents and presentation review
• Optimize DBFM(O) offer and compliancy matrix reply
• EMVI and DBFM(O) Financial & Optimization Modelling
• Risk Management Optimization
• Performance Measurement Systems
• Value Based Procurement
• Public Private Partnerships

Want to know more sent us an email

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