Variable Height Antenna (VHA) – LiveSky – Tethered drone

The LiveSky™ is a portable, unlimited aerial imaging solution ideal for providing government, DoD, public safety, commercial security, and media professionals with instant aerial imagery from up to 200 feet above ground level. With broadcast quality video, 10-times optical zoom and optional thermal imagery, the LiveSky can stay aloft indefinitely, providing unlimited video coverage using Hoverfly’s power-tether and video-over-tether technology. The tether provides endless power and provides additional safety and secure communications by giving the LiveSky a physical connection to the ground.


Variable Height Antenna (VHA) – LiveSky – Tethered drone
LiveSky flies persistently using power over the tether. Can fly for days & weeks at a time without operator input. Does not require specialist operator pilot, airspace management, or mission support other than constant source of vehicle, vessel, or main power.

•LiveSky AUGVW: 9.0 lbs
•System Weight: 52.5 lbs
•Shipping Weight: 48 lbs(LiveSky) + 71 lbs(ATK)
•Shipping Size:  37”x28”x17” and 22”x23”x24”
•Man Portability: Yes, one man lift
Storage Temp: -20 to 70 degrees C

System Includes:
LiveSky 6205
EO/IR Payload
Tether Kit
Including Landing Ring

Options Include:
•MANET Radio Plug-in Payloads (Persistent Systems integration pending)
•Software Integration Kit for Network Operation
•Mobile and Fixed Enclosures for Vehicle or Permanent Installation

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