Tactical networks and communication systems

Software-managed, tactical and deployable communications systems.


Advanced tactical networks and communications systems

Software-managed, tactical and deployable communications systems. Secure IP-based voice, data, and video communications to remote, temporary, and infrastructure-starved environments. Rapidly-deployable communications systems are ideal for mobile and remote tactical military communications, and for disaster preparedness and disaster response communications. We support international corporate operations in developing countries without stable communications infrastructures, and international oil and gas companies with remote communications needs.

Tactical networks and communication systems

Today’s military needs lightweight, compact, mission-critical communications systems that support the transition from a platform-centric force to a network-centric force. Decision superiority is key to military success. Timely decision-making requires advanced military communications technologies to quickly deliver data from field locations. The military needs low-cost, flexible solutions without increasing its dependence on centralized communications networks.

Tactical & deployable communications systems fill the need

PacStar’s series of tactical & deployable communications products was created to meet specific requests for technology advances by our largest military customers. The PacStar systems operate using our proprietary IQ-Core® Software, a user-friendly software platform that reduces thousands of pages of communications equipment operating instructions and documents to easy-to-use GUI-based wizards. This advance reduces operator training requirements and makes high-speed broadband, IP-based voice, data, and video deployable for a wide range of field personnel. Additionally, PacStar packages our software and communications hardware into rugged, mobile communications systems that meet military specifications.

A full range of communications and network expertise

PacStar supplies US and foreign government and military agencies with managed tactical & deployable communications products, advanced LAN routing and switching, secure wireless networks, and voice integration systems.

PacStar 400-Series family of small communications modules is designed to maximum capabilities and configuration flexibility, with the smallest SWaP possible. Including routing, switching, advanced network services and more – in lightweight packaging solutions designed with a wide variety of power options. PacStar 400-Series uses IQ-Core® Software to simplify setup and operation.

PacStar 400-Series Mini-Transit Case Systems

For teams with requirements to transport PacStar 400-series solutions in scalable, dense, quick setup form factors – with high resistance to environmental damage…Continue reading →
Mini-Transit Case Systems

PacStar 400-Series Desktop Chassis

For teams with requirements for small, desktop-placed solutions in quick setup form factors PacStar created a compact, three module Desktop Chassis suitable …Continue reading →

PacStar 400-Series Pelican Case Systems

For small teams with requirements to carry PacStar 400-series modules in the smallest possible footprint, in fly-away or temporary deployments…Continue reading →
Pelican Case Systems

PacStar 400-Series Rack Mount Systems

For teams with requirements to operate PacStar 400-series modules in rack mount installations such as vehicles, tents, or fixed locations that have size/weight and power constraints…Continue reading →

Rack Mount Systems

PacStar 400-Series Quick Reaction Kit

The PacStar 400-Series Quick Reaction Kit (QRK) is a lightweight modular secure communications package that provides voice, data and video to quick reaction forces, intel teams and…Continue reading →


PacStar 400-Series Mobile Network Communication Kit

The PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit is a modular fly away kit designed to support US Forces and Coalition Partners on CENTRIXS, BICES and US BICES networks…Continue reading →



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