Sensor integration visualization & sharing


Keeping an eye on the safety of people and property involves much more than meets the human eye. And too much for it to process at the same time.


Sensor integration, visualization & sharing software

Keeping an eye on the safety of people and property involves much more than meets the human eye. And too much for it to process at the same time.

Horus Safety and Security surveillance systems are available in two three main categories: mobile, fixed and stand alone. Our stationary systems are used in large buildings and wide areas, both public and private. For instance airports, railway stations, city centers, government buildings and military bases.

Our mobile and stand alone surveillance systems are applied by security companies, police and armed forces. They are used to guard the safety of tens of thousands of sports enthusiasts during large sport events and help the police to keep an eye on mass demonstrations. Our mobile surveillance systems are also mounted on police and army vehicles to monitor potential threats in the perimeter. Wireless communication even allows supervisors to watch along.

Horus Security Suite lets you see what you want to see and what you need to see. We deliver state-of-the-art camera surveillance technology that looks all around, sees every little detail and even looks back in time. Our surveillance systems are a powerful and cost-efficient solution for the surveillance of wide areas, complex infrastructures and massive crowds. These can be surveyed with minimal manpower and maximum overview. Our sophisticated software allows you to target a single person in a massive crowd from a long distance. So that you can pick out the offenders, see what they’ve done, where they have gone and identify witnesses to the incident.

 Traditional CCTV surveillance systems usually consist of a large number of low-resolution screens. This means that even experienced operators may not see what they want to see. Because it’s simply impossible to always look at the right monitor at the right time. And besides, low resolution screens don’t provide the details you may need.

 Horus Safety and Security surveillance systems deliver superior and immersive imagery. This means that the operator only has to monitor a single screen that provides a 360 degree image of the surveillance area, which is even better than being at the scene itself. The operator can look around freely, zoom in on any detail and instantly replay the images. This allows for a much shorter response time and helps make effective decisions in critical situations.

Our systems can be delivered in a two-person setup, in which one operator oversees the real-time situation whilst the second operator replays the recorded images to trace incidents and zoom in on details. In addition to the user-friendly interface and the highly detailed image, our software comes with intelligent functions. Like the possibility to combine the camera with infrared cameras or sensor devices. So that you can see the unseen. It also provides instant communication with, for instance, undercover colleagues. As soon as a suspect is targeted, you can send his image and description to your colleagues’ smartphone.

Our surveillance systems use less cameras than CCTV systems as well as smart data-transmission, thereby reducing the complexity of the technical infrastructure. And with that, a huge cost reduction is achieved. Our systems are based on COTS (commercially off the shelf) hardware and our own sophisticated, in-house-developed software. The surveillance systems can be combined with a wide range of automated functions such as motion detection, threat assessment and trigger response. And there’s a possibility to add a PTZ-camera to the fixed camera, so that you can recognize a face from over half a mile away. By adding a PTZ-camera, the resolution needed for the fixed cameras can be reduced, which in turn reduces the required bandwidth without the loss of detail.


Capabilities Horus software

  • Viewing all camera images on a dashboard
  • Support live streaming
  • Selecting image quality for live stream
  • Set frame rate live stream
  • Snapshots
  • Video recording
  • Camera stabilization
  • PTZ into the drive position
  • Set Speed PTZ
  • PTZ control via the screen
  • Map display of the area
  • Zoom in and out on the map
  • Preset (personal) screen layout
  • Day / Night mode select cameras
  • Recordings look back
  • Sound recording
  • Other sensor integration
  • Connecting additional software
  • Embedding information/intelligence

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