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The Heidrun is a battle proven, fixed wing, mini drone for low-altitude surveillance intelligence and reconnaissance missions.
It is designed for operations in complex environments and with high mobility, rapid and easy launch in mind. Reaching 25+ kilometers of live video feed, it is ideal for collecting immediate data from any mission-critical area without exposing the operator to any danger. The tactical drone is ultra mobile and can be rapidly deployed in the field. It is operated by an easy-to-use touchscreen navigator with a precise GPS, or by joystick and a separately operated 2-axis stabilized gimbal system.


The Heidrun UAV system is very unique due to its multipurpose design. It is the ideal partner for both surveillance and mapping assignments. With the accessories below, the platform becomes even more versatile, as the drone is capable of reaching up to 25+ km of live video feed and full controls, streaming the video feed to remote decision-makers and generate new map material.

Flight Time: 1.5-2.5 hours (application dependent)
Hand launched
Deployment time: 5 min
Deep-stall landing within a 7.5-12.5m radiusTecx

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