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The Cumulus is an easy-to-use drone for precision mapping and surveying. The lightweight UAV provides large terrain coverage due to its extensive endurance and high cruising speed and is one of the most reliable drone solutions on the market. Whether you are looking for a drone for photogrammetry or compiling GIS data, the UAV is the appropriate choice and offers a completely autonomous drone system for 3D mapping. Once the mission planning is completed the aircraft is hand launched and will carry out the mission and return to base where it lands vertically (deep stall) with high precision.


Higher accuracy, longer endurance.
The Cumulus is a fully autonomous, lightweight mini drone, built for various applications ranging from precision mapping to accurate surveying, inventory and stockpile management.

Flight time 2:30h
Hand launched
Deployment time <5 min
Dataset absolute accuracy: 1.5cm/4cm
Supports PPK/RTK
Deep-stall landing within 7.5 -12m radius

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