Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments

With more than 30 years of experience serving the Police, Security, Fire, Rescue, Military, Maritime and Industrial markets, we offer unprecedented experience in providing communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments.

The knowledge we have built around requirements set by; the end-users, their working environments, governmental and industry standards used by these hard core professionals allows us to create the most innovative and end-user driven solutions available.

Savox Communications has a unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities. In addition to creating our own range of specialized products, we utilize our top-of-the-line resources in making communications accessories for many of the leading Two-way Radio, Mobile Phone and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers and Mobile Phone Operators around the world.


Clear communications for operational efficiency
To assist our forces in defending our freedom, Savox provides a range of lightweight, rugged communications solutions specifically developed for the battlefield environment.

Savox Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments

Savox products can be ordered through our service desk which can be reached through the following email address and telephone number.


T: +31 20 7162421

Professional radio & mobile accessoires


Savox’s Classic, the original and globally accepted, heavy duty, high quality, time-tested and reliable audio accessory line for traditional two-way radios utilizing analogue technology.

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Savox’s progressive line of wired and wireless accessories for mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and other LTE / 4G platforms. An affordable way for a variety of professional industries to increase communications and efficiency.

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Savox’s vigilite covert and semi-covert product line for digital and analogue two-way radios. This product line offers simple, discreet and easy to use products for the federal and governmental services as well as private and public security type of end users.

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Savox’s Next Generation two-way radio audio accessory product line comes with superior audio technology that is LOUD N’ CLEAR®. The XG audio accessory line is designed specifically for use with digital two-way radios and systems. This product line offers unique features and functions that are easily configured and customized for the challenges found in today’s extreme working environments. The unique software controlled features of this accessory line allows each user to customize the products to his preference.

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Defense systems


In the data enabled battlefield of the 21st century, you need to have the means to shorten your decision cycles and thus out manoeuvre our enemies with decisive and rapid action and reaction. Savox Defense stands for reliable and cost-effective, cutting-edge communications solutions for mounted and dismounted troops.

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Rescue & safety systems


Designed for use within confined spaces when communication is critical

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Delsar USAR kit

Seismic/acoustic listening devices used to detect and locate live trapped victims. The industry defacto standard victim location equipment, used by USAR Teams, SAVOX Delsar.

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Designed for urban search and rescue operations (USAR) and communication when human entry is impossible

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Reliable, cost-effective, cutting-edge

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The passage of information, rapidly and accurately, is the key to success in any modern military operation. Savox solutions provide access to this vital information at all times through high reliability and availability.

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By using our proven capability in working with different radios, we innovate and integrate technologies to strengthen the interface between the commanders and the troops.

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Savox Defense stands for reliable and cost-effective, cutting-edge communications solutions for mounted and dismounted troops.

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The design brief for the new Savox IMP command and control system was simple: Create a versatile, software defined system that incorporated Ease-of-Use, Battle Damage Resilience with the inherent ability to be upgraded to meet changing Operational Scenarios. Read more on Savox IMP for mounted troops »

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We are developing systems to make the soldier an integrated part of the data enabled Battlefield of the 21st century. Read more on Savox communications solution for dismounted troops »

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